Kyle O Street

Jack of All Trades

Pricing guide


Commission Reproduction add watercolor
5x7 $40 $30 Free
8x6 $50 $40 Free
4x12 $50 $40 Free
12x12 $70 $60 +$7
12x24 $100 $90 +$10
16x20 $100 $90 +$10
24x36 $200 $180 +$20
24x48 $250 $225 +$25
36x48 $300 $270 +$30


Commissions: to the best of my abilities, i shall oblige you to

whatever you so request of me to paint for you, in to the best

of my abilities, I shall delight you with your own painting.


Reproductions: If you happen to really like a piece in my gallery,

and would like your own version of it to hang on your wall,

I would love nothing more than to repaint it just for you.

I quite enjoy getting a chance to improve my work, but

I can't guarantee it will come out looking exactly

the same, as the original; just more awesome.


+Adding watercolor:Many of the older paintings in my body of work

were completed with a combination of watercolor and acrylic,

or entirely watercolor. Its a messy process, requires a great

quantity of the watercolor paint, and In order to preserve

it from exposure to moisture and fingerprints, comes

finished with a protective coat of sealant.


Photo-reproductions: Coming soon- photographic reproductions

printed either on canvas or as enlarged photographs



Contact me for any details and Pricing for shipping